Child trafficking

In 2015, Europol proved the worrying cross-over between smugglers bringing the children into Europe and the traffickers who then exploited these children for sexual and labour purposes. It is essential for child protection and law enforcement agencies to improve the response to (re-)trafficking of children in migration and to enhance prevention and protection of victims.

Missing Children Europe encourages to invest in better training of actors working with migrant children in identifying and responding to the protection needs of these children and to work together more efficiently across national borders.

This project will therefore develop innovative practical tools to improve cross-border exchange of intelligence and follow up on transnational cases where children are suspected of being victims of trafficking. It will also look at why procedures for family reunification across borders are long and inefficient, which is one of the main reasons why children decide to leave reception facilities.

By identifying the gaps, Missing Children Europe and its partners will be able to come up with guidelines to improve and speed up cooperation between competent authorities.